Grinder: Adventure Is Out There , Black, 63mm, 4-piece



Product Name: 4 Piece 2.5 Inch (63mm) Grinder


  • Introducing our 4 Piece 2.5 Inch (63 mm) Grinder, a portable powerhouse designed to deliver exceptional grinding performance wherever you go. This globally sourced grinder offers the same outstanding features found in our USA-made collection, ensuring quality and functionality in a 4 piece configuration.
  • Made with high-quality 6061 T6-aluminum, this grinder boasts an incredibly smooth exterior, free from any knurling, “grip” notches or other distractions. Its sleek design is complemented by a food-grade no fade anodized coating, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy.
  • Featuring our signature extended diamond teeth, a huge rare earth magnet, and a strategically designed mix of ovals and holes; these grinders shred through any herb. They also feature a threaded ground herb chamber, a threaded kief chamber, and a stainless steel screen to separate and store kief.
  • Included are a mini guitar pick and shovel.



  • Made With 6061-T6 Extruded Aluminum Bars
  • Highly Durable and Portable
  • 2.5 Inch (63mm) Diameter x  2.2 Inch (56mm) Height
  • Extended Diamond Teeth
  • Rare Earth Magnets
  • Food Grade No Fade Anodized Coating™
  • Laser Engraved Images that will never fade and are extremely scratch resistant
  • 4 Piece Configuration with Threaded Herb & Kief Chambers
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Lifetime Warranty



  • With an overall height 20% larger than similarly sized globally sourced grinders, this grinder offers increased capacity and convenience. Our 4 Piece 2.5 Inch (63mm) Grinder features the largest rare earth magnet among all similarly sized grinders, providing unrivaled stability and a secure closure.
  • Our 4 Piece 2.5 Inch (63mm) grinder includes additional threaded chambers for ground herb and kief, separated by a fine stainless steel screen which allows for trichomes to be stored for later use. As an added bonus, we’ve included a mini guitar pick and shovel for effortless access and transfer of your ground herbs or kief.




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