Lifetime Warranty

Tahoe Grinder Co. and its Affiliates produce grinders with the intended use of grinding or blending cooking herbs and spices as well as tobacco or other legal smoking herbs and roots.

Tahoe Grinder Co. is not responsible for the misuse of our grinders.  Each customer is instructed of the proper use of our products and agree to these terms before purchase

Limited Lifetime Warranty: Tahoe Grinder Company warrants to the original end user customer of its products that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship. Tahoe Grinder Company warrants to the original end user of its products that products that are damaged during normal use, caused by a manufacturing defect, will be replaced. Tahoe Grinder Company will, at its option, either repair or replace any part of its products that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or materials. Repaired parts or replacement products will be provided by Tahoe Grinder Company on an exchange basis, and will be either new or refurbished to be functionally equivalent to new. This limited lifetime warranty does not cover any damage to any product that results from improper installation, abuse, misuse, natural disaster, abnormal mechanical or environmental conditions, repair, or modification. This limited lifetime warranty does not apply to any products on which the original identification information has been altered, obliterated or removed, has not been handled or packaged correctly, has been sold as second-hand or has been resold contrary to applicable law. This limited lifetime warranty covers only repair or replacement for defective products or for products that are damaged during use because of a manufacturing defect. Tahoe Grinder Company is not liable for, and does not cover under warranty, any costs associated with removing or installing Tahoe Grinder Company’s products. Reseller shall obtain proof of purchase from the original end user in order to request warranty service. Reseller shall have no claim for warranty service without proof of purchase from the original end user. Tahoe Grinder Company reserves the right to change the terms of the limited lifetime warranty at any time and without prior notice.

Thank you for choosing Tahoe Grinder Company

-Tahoe Grinder Company Team